I have a new camera

So.. It was time. I’ve bought a new camera.

I’ve been looking to upgrade my camera body for a while, about 2 years or so, and seriously planning on doing so for about a year. However, there was no stress, as I both needed the founds and a suitable upgrade to decide on. However, as my old camera (Nikon D3000) fell into the water about a week ago, I felt like now was the time regardless if the camera survived or not (it’s in rice-treatment, will see if it survived on Friday or Saturday, keep your fingers crossed!) to make an upgrade. As I was browsing the InternetZ^ last night, I saw that a local camera shop in Lund had a near new Nikon D300 to sell, so I decided to head there today before meeting up SaSa for some Asian Express-take away and Avalinity-rehearsal.
(My band AVALINITY is playing live next Wednesday, there will be a separate update about that later on – until then you can read the official statement at our FB-page)

AREKU Nikon D300
Once in store and with it in my hands, I just felt like this was the right camera to move onto.

To give some context; the D300 is a big technical and ergonomically upgrade. This is a semi-professional camera, meaning you got easy access to functions without to much meny-fiddling, built like a tank.This thing breathes “I’m a work horse“.  Also, the manual (which I don’t have) is apparently 420 pages.. I feel however right at home with the button-layout and menu-system (as any modern Nikon is still a Nikon), but I’m sure there’s much to explore!

With a shutter cunt of just 5800~exposures (of the estimated 150.000) this is a pretty much new unit. I’m sure that I am more likely to break before this thing does.  (Trivia: the camera store-clerk mentioned they had one D300 that have surpasses 700.000 and is still in use. That’s impressive.)

However, I’m sure that you won’t notice that much of a change in the photos I post (from a technical standpoint) – sure they’ll be a bit better in terms of resolution and a slight change in dynamic range, but just the feel of this camera gives me so much inspiration – and that will hopefully shine through in me creating even better photos.

As the actual first photo I took with this camera after buying it won’t leave a chat, here’s a quick and highly generic photo I took once I got home while out testing it. I’m planning on truly start using it tomorrow, so check back then to see then what it goes for!

P.S: It makes the cutest little noise when it’s cleaning the sensor.


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  • Aww, what a nice addition to the family. I’ve got my fingers crossed for the lil’ one, I hope it will be fine after its water bathing and rice treatment. What a time to suddenly decide on such spa treatment.

    We have way too similar taste…
    The D300 was one of those cameras I just had to drool after on any given chance. I was just too scared to suggest it to you.

    I think it’s a super upgrade. I’m not really surprised it “spoke” to you once you held it. Built like a tank, but also darn sexy for some reason I can’t explain. I’m sure the feel of it will spark some new ideas.

    Aww, it makes cute noises too. That’s just adorable. <3

    And as for generic… sometimes something usual and familiar is the ticket The day I've had today, it was just the thing, good and safe.

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