How to get past writers block

I’ve been staring at the cursor for a good 20 minutes now. Some days, the words just doesn’t come as easy as they does other days.  So I guess today would be a good time to talk about how to overcome that obstacle and get your post done, assignment handed in or acceptance speech written, whichever might be relevant to you.

The first and most important step, is to
Just start writing.

Many times I’ve fooled myself into believing that I need a bigger portion figured out before I begin, it happened as late as today for me. But that’s not necessary,  it’s enough to have a vague idea, a koncept or just a “tag line” and then work your way through it.
For me the concept was to make a post about not knowing what to write for todays post, and then try to solve it.

If you see this as “published”, it means I succeeded at my task.

Create the mood

Sometimes it helps to have some indirect assistance in terms of the space around you. It could be music, a movie, sitting at a particular spot or something else that might help push you into the creative realm – it won’t do the writing for you, but it might give the imagination a slight nudge. When writing posts like this one, I prefer to just have ambience going; fireplace crackling and the TV at low volume, while when I write the Music Finds, I often listens to the song(s) I’m discussing on repeat at a louder volume. I guess there is a reason why some people prefers to sit at the coffee shops and work, outside of the hipster value; it adds a creative space. Finds your.

How to avoid this  from happening again (because I can’t write another post on the same topic. I think.) 

The headline is actually a lie – you can’t avoid the so called writers block, not completely. But you can minimize the risk of being trapped in the void of blinking cursors. If it’s close to deadline you sometimes  need to think while on your feet, something I’ve been guilty of doing more times than I would like to admit, but that’s our secret.
I try to write as much as I can whenever I get into “the (danger) zone“, but even then you’ll sooner or later get stuck.
I’ve always been an advocate of carrying note pads with you at all time. Also keep one at your desk, by the bed side, and if you’re one of those cool kids with waterproof pen and paper – one in the shower. A modern phone works as well, but then you actually might be able to read your 3 AM ideas (unless auto-correct screws your over) and then what scribble puzzle is there then to decipher in the morning?

I actually found the idea for this post in one of my books while trying to figure out what to write about, and since I’m a self-proclaimed expert now, I’ll take that as a sign that the technique works.  So keeping notes of future ideas is a great way of stockpiling potential future posts – then you actually have to do write the articles/novells/screenplays..

Have some nice pictures – people love nice picture. 

In my next article I’ll show you how to write inspiring stuff with a cursive type face on top of pictures to make you appear more poetic.



I’ll call this my comprehensive advices of how to write a post when you don’t know what to write in your post.
A bit of a mouthful, I know.
But it works, just look at me giving out advices like I knew what I was talking about!

See you all tomorrow – if I stay true to my own rules it’ll be a more planned article than today.

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