Halloween Party at SaSa

Happy Halloween!

I spent this weekend in the good company of SaSa and K, unfortunately Freddie-chan couldn’t make it due to sickness.
SaSa hosted a little party at her place, and here I’ll show you a couple of pictures from the evening.

AREKU SaSa and K of Avalinity halloween

AREKU SaSa and K of Avalinity halloween



SaSa Areku Avalinity Halloween

We then stuffed our faces with food and beverages, and not to forget the tasty cupcakes that SaSa made!

We also recorded a couple of short messages that you can view on our band-Instagram! 

I also played the most exhausting game of memory that I’ve ever participated in, much to the joy of K and SaSa, haha!

Afterparty bathroom picture, with @arekuofficial

Ett foto publicerat av SaSa (@sasa_avalinity)

To sum it up, it was quite an evening! Thank you SaSa and K! ^^/

How was your Halloween?

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