My guitar pedal wishlist

Today I’m going to talk about pedals.
More precisely, the kind of pedals that guitarists uses to alter the sound of their guitar. I’ve run a fairly simple setup since I begun playing. Pre-Avalinity, I started with just using the amp itself. Later on I added stompboxes as a flanger, a chorus, and for a short wile also a phaser.
Just before forming Avalinity, I sold them and bought a multi FX-pedal (the BOSS ME25) which I use to dial in the tones you can hear at our live shows, on the “Children of the Universe” and on my solo-releases.
But recently I’ve been staring to feel a bit trapped inside the small, but great, ME25. So I thought about making a hybrid solution, using both the multi FX and standalone stomp boxes, just to try it out. Note that I have access to most effects in my ME25, but since it needs just a little bit of programming, it wont be something you just change o the fly.

The first addition was a Digital Delay and a Flanger, both are great sounding devices from Harley Benton.
And after using them together with my regular setup for about a month, I think i’ll continue down this path.
So today I give you my list of some interesting pedals I would like to have on my board!

First off, it the Ravish Sitar made by Electro Harmonix.
areku ravish sitar
Ever since I first heard about this nifty little box a couple of years ago, I’ve known that I need this.
What this pedal does, is making your guitar sound quite alike the instrument Sitar.
I think it would suit just nicely with Avalinity songs like “KAVIR”.
Overall, a pedal that I’m definitely will be getting – sooner or later.

Even though I have a delay, there’s always room for more. (The same goes for reverb)
Therefore isn’t it weird that I have a couple of those on my wishlist.
Like the BOSS DD7, Strymon Timeline  and T.C Electronic  Flashback would be nice additions to my board.
Speaking of reverb, we have the Hall of Fame by T.C, Big Sky by Strymon. Preferably all of them in a long daisy chain for some ambient goodies. When it comes to a bit more affordable gear, I’m looking at the Mooer-pedals, that sounds pretty good, but also are really small in size.

Next pedal is one that you might have seen if you sometime did ogle a guitarist board, since it’s a quite commong piece: the Digitech Whammy.
Not to use mainly as a whammy, but simply to have a standalone pitch-shift pedal to make intense sound.
Maybe most known to the public via Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Audioslave), this is a piece that’s interesting to have.

A pedal that I once owned (and that was used in the Children of the Universe chorus-section) and then sold, is the ARTEC CHR3 Chorus, which I wouldn’t mind owning again. A great sounding chorus that could be driven into a form of feed backing that sounded.. special. It wasn’t at all near it’s original purpose, but it shows what a bit of experimenting can do when searching for new sounds.
Defiantly a pedal I would buy again.

Speaking of weird, here’s a pedal that was built only to be weird – HeXE reVOLVER.
On this list, this is most likely the most unique one. I’ve embedded a video down below so you can hear what it does, but it’s basically a pedal that stutter and “glitch” the sound.

Beside these, there are a tremendous amount of pedals I wish I had the possibility to try (because that’s pretty much the only way to see if it will make it to a permanent place on your board) and a giant market to investigate.
So see this as a first post in what I suspect can only end up in a series of cravings, haha.

My next pedal purchase will however most likely be a simple wah-wah. Not that I will go all Kirk Hammett, but it’s something I’ve been wishing for a while to have access to outside of the ME-25.

I’ll keep you posted!

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