Giorgio Armani – Sì (Perfume review)


First smell:
Soapy. Haven’t I mentioned that in a previous review? Anyhow, my first impression was rather “No” than “Sì” as it reminded me way to much about some kind of over-enthusiastic soap which labels itself something along the lines of “eXtra super fresh”, but then mostly smells like sweeties with a hint of lemons on steroids. After trying it out a couple of times, my sense of smell must have changed; as there were still much of the “fresh” citruses, there were also hints of mango. Maybe my scent palette leveled up?

Overall impression:
Suprise vanilla!  The scent soon evolves; first in the form of mango (smells much like one of the mango candies we have in Sweden) as mentioned above, but it soon develops into more nuanced fresh fragrance with noticeable citrus high notes, a small hint of bitter – like Campari. Lastly you notices the slightest bit of vanilla.
The last remains when the perfume fades away, are it’s base notes; woody and vanilla, with the later one being most noticeable.

Medium. About 3½-4 hours, it’s still there but very faded. Gone without a trace an hour later. That is with my skin, based on your own chemical balance it might last longer or shorter. I feel like the highlight is around the 1-2 hour mark.

Daytime. This is a fragrance which I feel is best throughout the day, due to it’s relatively light and fresh scent and lack of a more  heavy bottom.

Final verdict:
I say ¡Sì! to Giorgio Armani’s Sì!
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