Foqus Type D 200 – REVIEW

Type D 200 is a 200 speed film from the Russian manufacturer Foqus. It offers fine grain, high contrast and good range, much as the description of it said.

I’m enjoying the tonal qualities, the contrast and the grain – BUT – i’m not so fond of the quality of the actual film. While loading it into my Cosina CT-1A, the camera which all photos in this post were shot on, I noticed two things;

  • This film is very thin. It’s almost like loading a piece of tissue paper.
  • The film base is green

The major thing is the first of these two; the thickness (or lack of) of the actual film. This meant trouble, as it was troublesome to load onto the spools for development – and the Fuji Frontier I use for scanning and printing wouldn’t accept it in automatic mode, so it had to be manually scanned, one frame at a time.

Below is an example of how this thing film managed to wrinkle while loaded into the development tank;

NS 191 Cosina CT-1A Type D 200 (7)

But beside this major obstacle, I do enjoy the tonal qualities of this film. Seeing as I have one more roll of it, I might give it another go, when the time is right. Maybe.

Until then, enjoy some more photos from this roll!

NS 191 Cosina CT-1A Type D 200 NS 191 Cosina CT-1A Type D 200 NS 191 Cosina CT-1A Type D 200 NS 191 Cosina CT-1A Type D 200 NS 191 Cosina CT-1A Type D 200

One Response to “Foqus Type D 200 – REVIEW

  • I got into one of those flows and I figured, let’s just go. Not really a symphony of sorts but surely the tones caught between the thoughts. Not nearly everything into view, but all the while attempting to feel it all.


    The Undying Focus

    to re-see it again
    what is a we dream
    if not the motion to naked emotion

    hide your head and stay
    deeply embedded in my structure

    be thin and be broken
    be the tree that always spell the name
    without looking it up in memory
    it’s still alive inside you

    nights is for listening to your music
    days are for dreaming about needled fingering

    I can never stop myself from thinking of…
    your eager cleaning movement as we fall
    fall for all that is unsaid but lived
    each stone is different

    I want to be the rose in a hand

    never said much about the words
    that fell from your eyes
    always embarrassed to set such fire
    this isn’t the grand composition I dreamed of giving you

    now, kindness takes nothing and gets everything that I am

    my thoughts drift so easily
    place your care on me
    touch gently
    all that was
    all that is

    how to say tears before – the cut
    it is all I can think of when I see your garden full of love



    the reconnected
    the Art of hanging on to
    all the bones and all the mellow

    blind love
    what needs to be fitted for this
    give me only that

    black to white
    not having to beg for

    not wiping off the thin tracks
    savouring it mouth to

    I feel like exploding
    You, you can be
    my princely consort

    pass the others the –
    as they cry themselves to boredom
    thinking of what we can do

    fold me an aeroplane
    kiss my ass
    don’t try to make me

    I can’t really help
    the feelings that escapes
    re-connect me to –

    turns out that I feel my most true
    between my lines
    to you



    If I wrote a thing on you
    it would have the thorns of a rose
    the longing form of lilies
    and the courage of violets

    I made you bloom among lettering
    the thing I never sung so beautifully was
    I want to pluck you
    to brighten my day, make you stay
    inside the bouquet with me

    never sure which colour is you
    never sure how to give a description of

    It’s not that I don’t see your flower waving
    that I cannot imagine your sap
    or long to be all the way inside your mouthing words
    I know that face, I miss that feel


    How strangely sweet your pictures talk to me.

    There’s always much heart to unpack
    And what better to devote time to?
    Frail but also condemningly beautiful

    It sounds highly familiar

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