Flowers, water, forest

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One Response to “Flowers, water, forest

  • This breaths of summer loving!
    I can hardly contain my emotions.

    That cloudy sky, that dark blue and the light pink, meeting. Moving towards each other with equal force. From dark to light. The dynamic in this picture leaves much meaning… Like summer storms coming and going but it doesn’t really matter when your mind rest somewhere else entirely. Nothing matters but you.

    A daisy, such fascinating flower. With such depth of meaning. None of which is bad if you’re indeed the daisy. She is it! A daisy is a great way to tell someone their feelings of love are returned without using red roses, which is more passion. This to me, is far more romantic and humbling. It also means new beginnings and symbiosis in a way that transcend mere passion. This is a twin soul. Wow, this is really romantic! What a way to say you’re the one above the rest. Everything and everyone else fades into background noise.

    Daisies also symbolise hugging. A daisy is very huggable. That kind of hugging will always be welcomed and desired. As would any new beginning. Together with you.

    A boat, no summer without it. And that of course reminds me of that super cute picture of you as a child when you’re sitting plotting world domination, or at least thinking about getting a boat. Such a cutie, like a doll in the eyes of a doll-lover! You looked so determined too. Like nothing and no one could ever stop you. And I truly believe that is true.

    Of course boats are also part of summer romancing. Especially when you have like me spent far too many summer days watching or reading period fiction. Especially late Victorian or my current favourite era Edwardian. This boat however seem to have reached its destination and let its passenger(s) hop off into that hidden green path. A place to hide, to heal and grow close. Where only we exist.

    That reaching between the tree and the stick in the water is so beautiful. And this one in particular feels so much like Merchant-Ivory scenery. Which to me is summer happiness. It started when I was thirteen because I had this close friend that actually enjoyed period dramas and she showed me A Room With A View. Which instantly became a classic. No one in my family shared this fascination (my brother might do now though, I’m a bad influence) so that was the first time finding someone who’d gladly watch these kinds of films with me, a good feeling. I try to watch it every summer as sort of a thing now. More memories in connection has since been created. You always did know how to make me speechless, reaching within.

    Building bridges. Not tearing things apart. Something that will stand the weather and ages. That will even bloom out to somethings that looks delicate but is in fact very strong. Reaching for you as well.

    Oh, dog roses are stunning! The details, those petals are like pulsating hearts. They are to me so honest. Thorny but also stunning beauty. I like the symbolism of protective, so I find this almost painfully heartwarming. Protecting your beating heart.

    I suppose this is truly my kind of rose. You captured its timeless beauty. To me this is “I love you my one” more than any other roses. I might break flower language here, but so worth it. If anything this might be even more romantic than the daisy! You’re the one, I will be true and protect you until that last breath and beyond.

    Come walk with me, be at my side. No one knows where this bridge leads or road will head or what will come, but there’s light. And as long as hearts are beating close, come what will. The future will greet lovers. To leave the old life behind, no matter.

    Nature poets words flutter, but I will not sing their praise.
    Your pictures reach me far deeper.
    As if you ask me what I already secretly wish.
    Forever awaits.

    They will remember us

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