First pictures with the 35mm

AREKU cat photography

AREKU landscape photography-4

AREKU landscape photography Nikon Nikkor AF-s 35mm 1.8

AREKU landscape photography Nikon Nikkor AF-s 35mm 1.8

AREKU cat photography

AREKU landscape photography Nikon Nikkor AF-s 35mm 1.8

AREKU landscape photography Nikon Nikkor AF-s 35mm 1.8


2 Responses to “First pictures with the 35mm

  • Wow, first off you adopt quickly very impressive, secondly I can see the difference. A tiny bit proud of me too, I have learnt a lot.

    Kitty is such a wonderful model, that pose, those eyes. “No mess with me humans.”

    Oh but oh, chive blossoms if I’m not mistaken. One of my secret favourites. Apparently it’s strange to make them into a flower arrangements for a table. I thought that it was apt since they’re eatable.
    Not sure how you made them look curious. They do. Like they want to know something secret. Such rich detail.

    Nope still not sure that it’s a regular forest. I’m quite certain that there will be a Scot running by at any moment. The colour details! To take root and hold on. I think it’s the homely nature feel actually that makes me think of Celtic. My world makes so much sense sometimes.

    And bluebells after that don’t make me think of fairies at all. They’re such humble flowers very difficult not to like them. No, not at all another favourite of mine. I don’t feel mysterious at all. That picture has motion, makes them look like actual bells, with imagination I’m sure you can hear them too. Don’t I dare start something Poe inspired, since The Bells is one of my favourite poems. Stories hidden in the different sounds of bells.

    More Kitty, she looks very content. Curious and alert, but at the same time comfortable. The paw forward with the claws indicates that she guards her comfort so don’t you push her. I like her attitude. So cuuute!

    Quite different stones with moss without the array of colour. This is more unified. And what is it with moss that I like so much? Healing and protective? Might very well be, they’re supposed to symbolise healing, intimacy, connection, integration, wealth and tranquillity. No wonder I like that then. Very peaceful picture. Something to fall asleep to.

    Oh and he ends it with shining light. You have such a wonderful way of capturing lights and reflections. Water and light flowing in a symbiosis. The health of green, a happy ending.

    What a story.
    It starts as it usually do, looking for something. Maybe you don’t know what to start with. But as soon as you see it, you know what that was that you wanted to find. Trust me, you’ll know when you see it. And that’s why the flowers are curious. You found something that both perplexes and intrigues. Someone who caught the eye, keeps you curious and interested. You can’t help but obsess a bit, reaching as best you can for this one. Deeper the emotion go! Trying to find roots to connect you. Reaching endlessly, longing for those bells to ring in the new. Humble and with kindness and love at heart. The old left, new beginning and the harmonising blue. What a mellow world of harmony and happiness. Content with life, not searching nor looking for what is missing anymore. Protecting that which has made you happy and whole. The strength of unification, to stand as one connected through care. With bright shining light, flowing on not standing still, but deepening that bond that was once long ago mere curiosity. Pushing forward, becoming ever greater. The story never ends, it carries on shining as long as water flows.

  • I do enjoy all of them mightily… very well done! I need to get used to mine for class in the fall, but no time before Texas, so it’ll have to be after. I’m not taking my *better* camera to Texas with me…. NO WAY!! Not risking someone stealing it on the bus that I’d have to take over 1,000 miles there and then back again…

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