Finding a skeleton

Ever wondered what I shot on my old rolls of colour film? I did.
Today I developed a set of 12 rolls spanning from around 2009-2010 (I believe). I found a couple of very interesting shots like photo-shoots and long forgotten landscapes, some which were just as forgettable as the moment they showed, and some which I couldn’t really remember what they even did on my roll to begin with.

There’s something about analogue photography that still get’s me way to excited. I still shoot it, these days mostly B&W, but I haven’t seen a fresh negative in a while as I keep postponing visit to the dark room for quite some time now.

I’m going to scan some more of these negatives later (in better quality – these were just a test), as they’re an interesting time capsule to my works from that time, but until then – here’s a first look.

AREKU Analog photography

AREKU Analog photography

AREKU Analog photography

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  • Dearest,

    what a great idea. Finding things can be both fun and a bit sad. Moments passed that you find anew. Analogue photography is exciting! It’s something else. Like another life ago. Dark rooms are still magical, I wouldn’t mind getting into one. I really like when you go back and use old techniques to create new things or do something new with old things. Seems very life giving. Back in the day I did prefer the black and white feel. But now I feel a lot more appreciation for the old colour photos.

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures! <3
    Truly an empire!

    Time capsules are fun. Even though it's weird to think that there was a time that I didn't know who you were. Probably because it feels like all this has been forever. If it hasn't got a start then it can't have an end either. I never truly believed that death can do you part. Physically as in body yes, but there's so much more to a person than that corporal state. I do know your body can be so broken by being left alive that it too seeks death. The heart that breaks and dies. I think that maybe people today think it's an urban legend. It's very real. Some really can't live without each other.

    I like to think loved far beyond death. Like death is nothing. And I do like to imagine skeletons playing swing music rather than being stuck in graves.

    We all have skeletons I guess. I'd like to be rid of mine. I thought today it would be great if you could go back and relive some things because now you know how to make the right choices. It's not that easy is it? Why are life lessons so damn hard?

    At times it’s very good to stop. To actually stop questioning all and just be very thankful for the things you have learned. Give yourself a break. And be very thankful for those that stick around even when you’re hurting. True love and truly blue sky.

    Churches are my Proustian moment. Reading or rather exploring his text about everything and nothing at all is what made me get back into literature. A piece of home. Seeing film the actual artefact like that, another piece of home. Funny how things connect. How you can see an ad in the subway and then life will never be the same again. And of course it also brings to mind the old time thinking, back when photography first came and all those questions. Could you catch a soul or trap it in a picture?

    I wonder if you can?

    Seems to me that if you put your heart in it you can catch one.

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