Fan art

Years ago, I would’ve never believed you if you said “one day, people from around the world will paint you”. That’s a humble intro to make it seem like I’ve grown used to it now, something which I haven’t.  As of today, it still feels a bit surreal every time a fan sends me a drawing they’ve made of me – but it’s also a feeling accompanied with great gratitude.
There’s so many talented people out there – thank you for taking your time to draw me! I’m not sure how I had the honor, but thank you.

If you want to see more awesome fan art that people sent me, check out the gallery at my Facebook-page:
And if you too would like to draw me, just hit me up in the comments on or my social medias to show me!

Below is a selection of AREKU fan art:

Areku fan art by Eleonora Iorio

By Eleonora Iorio

AREKU fan art by Eleonora Iori

By Eleonora Iorio

AREKU fan art by Bősi Lili

By Bősi Lili

AREKU fan art By Yuki Ran Tensh

By Yuki Ran Tensh


By Kim


AREKU fan art by Misaki

By Misaki

AREKU fanart by Piia Aya Koivumäki‎

BY Piia Aya Koivumäki‎

Areku fan art by Eleonora Iorio

Eleonora Iorio

AREKU fanart by Setsuna

By Setsuna

AREKU fanart by Victoria Konner

BY Victoria Konner

AREKU fan art by Yarlet

By Yarlet

AREKU fan art by Elin Regina Squirtle

By Elin Regina

Areku fan art by Yulia

By Yulia


You’re all amazing, thank you!

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