Expired film (Xtrafilm 400)

From time to time I encounter and use old, expired, rolls of photographic film. Which can be both fun and surprising, as an expired roll can behave in many different ways. Most common traits are that one of the colour layers is more dominant as the other have faded (for example could the pictures get a strong blue/green/red tint), lack of contrast and more visible grain – however one film is not like the next as they can also be affected by how good they were to begin with, how they’ve been stored, and so on.

Today I wanted to share some pictures that I took earlier this summer with my Nikon F80. I was gifted a couple of old XtraFilm-rolls with ISO 200 and 400 that had an expiration date of between 2006 to 2008, films that I thought I might just as well shoot. You can see the results below, but in my words I would say that time have been quite kind to these films. Remember that these were not the best even when they came out, being a mail-order consumer film.
Most noticeable is the grain – as this is a 400 film this was to be expected, but 400 can still be very fine grained if produced properly, like the FujiFilm X-tra 400 or Kodak Portra 400. , but there will be more posts to come featuring shots taken with the ExtraFilm-rolls to examine in the near future.

But let’s start with this roll, my favorites are the first and last ones, which are your favorites?

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

AREKU analogue photo Xtrafilm 400

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  • Working with expired film can be quite an adventure,check out my latest post for more of my views and latest photos… https://t.co/H5n0nd9LbG

  • Sweetheart,

    First and last <3
    Precious heartbeats!
    Also love the leaves that kind of hides the motion but at the same time not. Some amount of grainy really add character to a picture and I can't even begin to tell you all the nostalgia this brings. A lot of feelings. Like your photographs wasn't already clad and absolutely drowned in that.

    Proust might have had his Vermeer, as nice as that is, I have something even better, you! Always tell your love how they make you feel. Amazing!

    Dandelions are so cool. Not to mention tasty to drink. ;) You always lead me astray like that and get me in the mood. Now there's no turning off the internal jukebox and it's kind of stuck to this cool daddy. I'm not a least bit sorry. Busy feeling blissful!

    These are a wonder and the colours in them are very appealing. Especially felt the sixth one. Also first, second and last appealed particularly in that way. As to favourites it's tricky because in a way they all show something unique and together become something else. I think the first one caught me first. The light and shadow of the last bite the imagination with madly desired love. Second one is juicy, third one so damn clever. It goes on like that. I find something new to love about them every time I look. I think the first and the fourth might be personal favourites. You make it hard to choose. No complaint there.

    Also I want to say it's a lot of fun reading a bit about it. Appreciation of time well spent writing it. <3
    This all brings things into life; nothing about film feels dead in your hands. There's trust in those hands and there's this want to be pulled even closer.

    Beauty vowed

    Tremendous we are
    even if I tremble with excitement
    as soon as thinking of…

    such beauty and oh so happy
    that has found that rare right
    and want to be inside
    everyday sounds

    like the flowers you show
    not to be mistaken for mundane
    we sleep with lust
    we live with lust

    certain expands our horizon

    we can almost hear the screams
    as soon as the thought of…
    reaches our throats
    and comes out as a promise

    What is beauty if not
    everlastingly screamed Y E S


    Bleeding obvious, but I dare to write more please. Looking forward to!
    She's so lustful.

  • The first one really speaks to me!

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