Dreamy road

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One Response to “Dreamy road

  • Let’s follow that dreamy road!
    And that magical light that inhabits those pictures, incredibly enchanting.

    That road feels homely. And by that I don’t mean familiar as such or boring but the feeling you get when you return home after a long while. Which incidentally is part of the feeling and main event in a story I’ve been writing my first draft of. I haven’t written in Swedish in some time and doing it by hand made it more difficult, so it got new life by means of your post and that picture. Even those clouds above echoes those thoughts and feelings. Kind of super inspiring. Darling dear, you had me with the road. It’s also homely because it’s one of those great country roads I used to walk being all philosophical, kicking stones as the bad ass I was. Just dreaming away about a life that was about me as much as someone else.

    And then that Summer greeting. That was my rambling about surprise postcard, that feeling of things suddenly coming, filled with respect and deep care for you. That bowing is elegant and there’s a pattern that fills my heart. Wild and lovely in love.

    The river that keeps on flowing so incredibly blue. While shadows play, dance in the sunlight. Like it has no end and no meaning beyond life. A scene you do not want to interfere with, but somehow want to get sucked into, be part of. Those trees waltzing on the bank. You may have that dance.

    Woow!! More perfect flowers. Cornflowers, they are so pretty and fascinating and made even more so. No I don’t think I can breath this time either. Romantic, never cease to be. That colour, that light and those edges. This is my favourite because it has the spirit of both in it. Which to me is most important. I could stare at fields like this until I lose my eye sight and I suspect that might be a while yet. Where I belong.

    You can really see the twosomeness in that picture of the daisy. It speaks so well on its own. A perfect harmony.

    And Kitty, she is adorable. She looks like one of the American settlers with that straw. She’s colonizing the place and never do you mind asking why or abide the rules and what not. She cares not and so she sets about to find a pretty new place to call home. Your lady cat has got serious style. Heart eyed.

    Love dream ~
    Whispered, told, shown and written.
    Hidden in your perfect eyes
    As soon as you
    called out my name
    I knew
    It was the same one

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