Daily blogging ∣ Halloween 2016


Since I opened this site in late February 2015, I’ve been using this website and its blog as my main base of writing to you all about my musical releases, showing my latest photos, and as of lately also spreading the word about music I’ve come across in my weekly series “Music Finds“.

I’ve tried to post a couple of times per week, but as some long time readers might know; it have been both more and less than that over the course of this websites lifespan – but I never had a continues posting schedule.

So, inspired by SaSa’s “Daily updates” I felt like I should try it as well, to bring some more life into this site. So all throughout November, I’ll be doing daily updates!

Some posts might have the structure of a typical “daily updates”, some might be more written like articles as I have some new thoughts I want to share with you, and some other might just be like the kind of updates I mentioned earlier, like photo-posts or Music Finds.

To kick it off, and not make this only an announcement post, here’s some photos from this past weekend;

AREKU Melva Halloween Aristocrat

Halloween-party with Melva 

AREKU Aristocrat Photoshoot Lund Domkyrka


Ghost pastry Halloween

Spooky pastry! 

See you in the next post! 

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