Creative self-portraits

As I’ve written before, I like taking selfies just as much as the next egocentric person, but sometimes I get a bit bored with just the regular self gratifying. That’s when I whip out some extra creativity, and make a scene rather than just a shot.
Today I’ve collected some of my more creative self portraits that I’ve taken, together with some thoughts about how, when and why I made these pictures.

AREKU model suit hat self portrait 1950 50's 50's style old bike

This is the latest of portraits I’ve shot of myself. I got the idea while out biking to style myself in a 1950’s manner.
The major prop in this picture is my fathers old bike, which is from around 1950-1960.
I wanted to capture a picture that had the feeling of a young man like myself, but in a different era. It also have a link to the next photo in terms of style.

AREKU self portrait author typewriter noir
This picture is based around and inspired by Film Noir. The theme is an investigative journalist or private detective, living somewhere in the whiskey oozing and non-filter cigarettes world among Humphrey Bogart.

AREKU chess aristocrat egl gothic self portrait  clown yourself photoThis AREKU self-portrait pays homage to one of my older works (that will follow further down this post).
I had already cloned myself in picutres before, to make it seem like I appeared as multiple roles in the same image.
This picture was made during a period where I (as an enthusiast) played quite a bit of chess, and so the idea was born of me playing against myself.

AREKU chess gothic aristocrat vampire style goth

It was from this picture I got the idea to shoot the picture above, with the same theme.

AREKU Avalinity Arekusandaa

2011 and I had just cut my hair short (again).
The central part of this picture is that I wanted my eye to stand for all of my expression, as I tried to hold a neutral face beside that. How much can just one eye tell?
AREKU shoots AREKU arekusandaa areku self portrait gun revolverMy first attempt of making myself appear twice in the same photo, this was shot back in 2010.
Here I apear as both the villain and the victim.
I didn’t have much more thought behind it than that, as I wanted to just create a picture that would make people react and think about whatever (non existing) meaning it had behind it.
Beside my desire to being artsy as f*ck, that is.

So, that was a small walk down
Which one was your favorite and why?

And if you want to see more old pcitures of me, check out this master-post of #TBT that I made a while back, where I collected a bunch of pictures of me from 2008 until now.

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