Crash – Nikon – Perfume

Monday, and time for new adventures! Today have been quite eventful. Starting off with meeting a representative from Nikon Sweden for some casual chit-chat about DSLR, SLR, film photography and old brands of M42-lenses.

Got to try out a new (really new) zoom lens with some impressive new features as well!

And then we had a driver who drove right into the store next over the street from the office. Thankfully they made it out unharmed!
Olycka Kristianstad bil Lindex  skyltfönster Cardellgatan

While riding home, I got a sudden blast of inspiration for a story so I pulled up my MacBook and wrote away. It’s a story which I believe you all could enjoy..

This is a good note to tell you that I’ve been working on another book for a while now, but put it on ice as other projects were prioritized. I wish to publish my first book sometime soon, maybe it’s a project for 2017?

AREKU Macbook Pro


Once home I was greeted by some new review-samples from Dior and Armani. Really looking forward to trying these out!

AREKU perfume review Armani Dior

I put up a poll on my Twitter, in which I ask you all to vote on which perfume I should review next!


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  • Car crashing through the shopping window next door, meeting with a Nikon representative, and new perfume

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  • Dearest,

    what a happening day. My day of cat cuddles, reading, reflection and laundry seems very unhappening. A real sweetheart once told me that you need those uneventful days too. And sleep, I could use more sleep. Not that I sleep unwell just too short. And I certainly want to stay in my dreams at the moment. They’re real pretty, but most of all happy.

    Talking Nikon things sounds terribly much not like work but fun. I guess some are lucky that way. And trying new lenses. What did you zoom in on? Impressive features indeed. Mind boggles. While others drive into stores. That is pretty scary actually. Glad no one was harmed. I wonder why? I sometimes wish I could ask them that. Not to write an article but to explore the fragile being that is the human.

    I always guessed you had a story or two somewhere. The way you write. No time to wait. Just type away.

    Been thinking about writing or perhaps more what makes people write in the first place. I have a tendency to write about serious issues. I always found it unnerving and a bit heavy. Abstract even. Been told so too. Or that I write like a man? I guess one could say I write with authority at times, maybe that’s why. The thing is I write like me. I don’t know how else to do it. And by doing that I keep inspiring tales to be written and for that I feel very proud!

    It’s like when I feel old fashioned. I am, what more can be said. It’s not a weakness or freakiness, it’s me. I’ve been contemplating life, not as sad just life. So many have already passed to the next and I was kind of thinking it would be nice to get old. To be able to tell all your rather salted odd tales. And of course the best and sweetest one. About a rather great couple and how they come to be entwined.

    And how he smelled…

    More perfumes, I guess then you could imagine what the code would smell like on me. The bloody commercial for that one was so cheesy it’s stuck in my head. I’d say the one Armani that mixes best with my skin, or so I think at least, has to be the Diamonds. I have a thing for litchis (or lychees if you prefer that spelling).

    Got to confess I have never tried Dior. I’m not that adventurous. Or at least I wasn’t as adventurous. Things progress and that. Probably still a bit restricted with this damned sensitive and easily irritable skin. It enjoys gentle kisses though. If that helps.

    That’s enough for tonight!
    Keep being your sexy self and apples are good for you.
    So am I, keep smiling as you dream.
    More of you there will be.
    Of that I am sure.
    Sweet dreams
    For both!

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