I built a guitar (L:gance N°1)

Back in late 2012, I built my first guitar by myself.
A couple of weeks ago, I published a video of me demoing the guitar, that was well received.

So I thought that I would let you in on the process of me building that guitar, but also tell you some news:
I will soon begin my next built – another custom guitar that I make myself.
And you’ll be able to tag along!
I’ll be documenting the process mainly on my YouTube-channel, so make sure to subscribe!

But don’t let us get ahead of ourself – let’s see how I made the L:gance 1.
I begun with sketching up the desired shape.


Time to cut out!
This will later be used as a stencil.







Time to go out to the AREKU-workshop!

I used Norrland Spruce to make the body out of, since it’s heavy wood that will give me pretty fair sustain.
Also, that’s what I had in stock.

Draw, draw draw!
After cutting out three pieces of wood, I pulled them together side by side and began drawing out the shape of the guitar.

So, now the shape have been marked out on the wood.

Time to do some basic shaping!
Usually I would just use my electric saw to do the cutting, but since I need new blades that I wouldn’t get until the day after, I had to do it the old fashioned way.

So, after the first shaping-round was over, I decided to glue two of three parts together, so it could dry over night.

So, the next day I was able to saw the whole shape out, and then glued it all together.
Once the glue dried, here’s what I had in front of me:

“A diamond in the rough”, lol.
So, let’s continue, time to make nicely shaped and smoooooth!

So, after some hard work with the sandpaper, the body got some nice curves and was now smooth and nice, and ready to be painted.
It is necessary in order to get a nice finish on the final product, to have a clean and dry surface.
So, let’s start with the painting!

I begun with a test round on the back.
It turned out good, so I continued onto painting the whole body.

Here is the front after a couple of layers (3-4?) .
It’s good to remember to spray/paint the color in very thin layers, since you’ll need to use the sandpaper in between, and the paint will dry A LOT faster. The results will get better. :)

With the paintjob done, I proceeded to mount the hardware.


The microphones (3 x singlecoils), switch, tone- and volume-knobs.
After I soldered all the parts.


Maple neck with ebony fretboard


DSC00430Everything in it’s right place!


After that I tried the guitar, and noticed that everything worked out great, I disassembled the guitar, painted it once again and fixed some details, to then mount it back together again.
I also made (as seen) a custom pickguard. I don’t have any pictures from that process, sorry!

I also added the necessary strap-knobs, so I could play the guitar standing.







And with this, I finish this post.
Thanks for reading.


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