Black&White – #AREKUChallenge

The third round of the #AREKUChallenge is over and it’s time to review the participants. The theme was “black and white”, and I must say that you all did marvelous!

Before I start with the pictures, I want to take the time to tell you about some updates.
There won’t be any new challenge this month, as I need to shift my focus fully on other projects. The #ArekuChallenge will however be back again as usual in 2016! We’ve been doing three of these challenges so far, and it have been a test to see if my idea would hold up. I’m so happy to see your response, and all the lovely photos!
I’m now experimenting with different thoughts on how to get these challenges even more interesting for you to participate in, and that is something I will get back to you on. So, no new challenge in December, but we’re back in January!

But now, let’s see and review some of your black and white photographs!

A good use of lens flare, with a scene suitable for B/w. Good proportions, though I think the image could’ve been even better if you took a couple of steps back, to create more space.
Each to their own, but I’m not a big fan of having date prints on photos.

Here we see how composition can make the viewer get dragged into a picture. I think this is a great shot, that could only benefit from maybe having a bit more contrast.

This photo is many of the things photographers now a days try not to do: grainy, a bit unsharp, and with bad lightning.
Yet this is a picture that I really enjoy, since it shows that with the right subject, grainy isn’t a problem. A good black metal-feel on this one!

Great sharpness, good timing as the goat seems to be in the middle of almost talking to the photographer.
Well balanced contrasts.

Great picture overall! I would however try to crop out the branches in the lower left part of the image, as they draw attention away from the main part of the picture.

My personal favorite for this round. Well balanced between light and shadows, silhouetting (just as Tori did with her photo) works very well when shooting in black and white.  Good cropping, sharp.


With that, I once again want to thank you all for participating, and I look forward on seeing what you will shoot in 2016!

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