Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

 “Black Opium” – Yves Saint Laurent


Look who’s back with new perfume-reviews! Super unqualified and ready to give you the most personal scent descriptions about the semi-new fragrances around.

First smell:
Warm, dark and mystical. A warm and deep key-tone with a hint of spices, dark wood and incense.

Overall impression:
This is one of my favorite perfumes, as the scent lasts long and retains its charactar of sensuality. After about 40 minutes, the scent matures, loosing some of the deeper notes for more citrus’y high notes. It however stays sensual, spicy and with a lot of charm.
I wouldn’t mind at all to be given this, and it could be in my own gift basket as well!

Medium-Long. About 5-7 +hours. This is a quite powerful perfume.
That is with my skin, based on your own chemical balance it might last longer or shorter.

Day and/or Night. Whenever you need this sensations, it’s the right time. It holds up both for daily use when you want to step it up, but is best used as an evening wear.
Somehow I feel like that this is a scent best used for the colder days of autumn and winter.

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