Perfume on Black Friday

Today is Black Friday. It was noticeable for my part, as the streets were more crowded than usual and all of the stores had more (or less) reasonable offers to attract customers. I almost had a hard time navigating the streets throughout the masses, as I took a break from work. And today have been a lot of work. But it feels great being able to share my knowledge and learn new things in return, all while earning an honest living, as the old man in my mind would put it.

Although hectic and crowded,  I however managed to make my way throughout the masses (it’s always good to get to know the right people) to get a good deal on a perfume I’ve wanted more off for quite some time. I’ve written a review of it previously, which you can check out here, but here it is:

If you haven’t been a blog-follower for long, I’m a sucker for some of the perfumes that Yves Saint Laurent produces. My favorite is still the L’Homme EdP, but the reissue of Black Opium in the variant of  Nuit Blanche EdP really catches my heart and nose; as it’s such a perfect blend of deep warm base tones and vanilla high notes.

How was your “Black Friday“?

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    How was your Friday?

  • My Dear,

    sounds like you had a full day. Work and navigation. Never mind old men in your head. Why oh why, does so many have old men in their head? You should always know the right people for the right things. For they will lead you to places you had no idea about. I’m glad you found that perfume it’s delightful. I at least was more of an Armani perfume person, I find it funny disturbing that my favourite used to be She. Talk about her and him. I guess the next step up will be easy then. I remember being so happy to find that perfume because it was one of few I wasn’t allergic to in my youth. I seem less sensitive nowadays. Big yaaay! Since I realised I have deviated from the She path, but it remains one of my all-time favourites.

    How was my Black Friday?

    Very arty work. I will confess to be boring because I’ve not bought anything today. To tell the truth apart from buying a new bedside table lamp, which I truly needed, I haven’t bought many things. I really need to get gift shopping. But I’m not in a shopping kind of mood. I seem to be in another place entirely.

    I spent my day with my writing class as we had a bit of school event together with the other artistic courses. First we viewed some art at the local culture centre Blåstället in Angered. While we walked around there I noticed that our whole writing class was wearing Doc Martens shoes, not kidding, and we’re all females. Quite interesting because we do not have similar clothes styles at all. I guess it’s true, worker boots goes to anything.

    Anyway after that we went to a theatre nearby because we were going to do different performances, our class read our own works and the theatre people did a few short performances and one of the music college students played a newly composed song. It was a darn big stage area which was a new thing for me. Wish I talked a bit louder at times like that. But I think it went as well as it could for my part. My colleagues are really good at reading their things. Hard for me to tell how I speak as I don’t hear it myself. Still a real bizarre feeling to hear your own text said out loud. I love to hate the stage. But I promised myself to get back up there one day and so I did. Second reading in about ten years or so, pleased with that. Only second time in my life I read my own words. It’s a lot more fun reading your own creation and a higher high when it’s done.

    I also realised that this might very well have been the very first time I read a story and not poems. What was it about? Too many pens, rootlessness and the outsider feeling, dark pasts haunting contrasted with compassionate love. Something along those lines.

    After that we got food and drinks and just sat talking nonsense and plans for our next meeting and next reading which will be on Lucia, and that will be a public event. Then our class decided to take the tram to the city (from Angered) and have an after work beer, as we today concluded this was actual (hard) work, and never mind other people’s opinions. I had to cut after work short to go and pick up a cat that has been to the vet. That was about it. Crashed at home with a bunch of happy cats.

    The only thing I bought apart from ale was some candy and a fizzy drink on my way home. Still I feel very content.

    Oh and yes, when I got back to Hammarkullen I realised there were more lighted trees. It’s becoming quite the magical place in the dark.

    I don’t half miss you to death when the world is pretty
    or ugly or just ordinary

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