AVALINITY live at Hemgården

What a show! 
This Wednesday, me and Avalinity performed a charity-concert at Hemgården in Lund together with Banana Chips to raise money for Kumamoto, together we raised 938 SEK! This was our last show in a foreseeable future, so it was extra nice that this live became such a blast! This post is a small post about the day and the gig.

Avalinity Live At Hemgården Photo from video by Sano Concerts(Picture taken from SaSa’s posts, originally from a video by Sano Concerts)

The day started off with me heading to a meeting (as Creative Director) with my boss. We discussed a lot of interesting plans before I took the train to Lund in order to meet up with SaSa. Since neither of us had eaten in a while, we decided to go have some grub so we wouldn’t perish totally before the show even started.
I’ve probably not eaten so little of any food I ever bought, just managing to down 1/4 of a tasty grilled bagel, as my body just couldn’t cope with food despite my hunger, so I opted for a drinking yogurt instead.  This situation combined with SaSa’s increasingly allergic reactions felt like a not so optimal situation, but as the pros we are, we continued and met up with K at the venue for tonight: Hemgården. This place is a little more special than other venues, as we had our first rehearsal-space here back in 2012.

AREKU Avalinity before the show at hemgården

We did the usual pre-gig preparations; soundcheck, heading backstage to change into our stage-wear (this might have been the last time you saw these cloths..;D) and freshen up make-up and hair-do’s. As Banana Chips begun playing, we headed down to support them from the audience. As their intense show (great work guys!) ended, there were a small paus, and then we entered the stage.

Visual Kei band AVALINITY live at Hemgården Lund

(Photo from video by Sano Concert)

There’s something about being on stage that feels so damn right. Even though it’s hot as *** up there (thank you spotlights), you still get a bit nervous even after 5 years of doing this, and anything could happen – which is very much the charm. To then have the honor of playing for such a great audience, who also understands this scene and can see your inspirations is the icing on the cake.  As mentioned in the intro, we also managed to raise 938 SEK for charity, which is a big success. I am sure that the money will be put to good use, as it’s now, to quote SaSa’s blog:

The money will be given to the Kumamoto prefectural government who will use it to help their people and for reconstruction after the earthquake, all of this was possible thanks to the Japanese exchange students of Lunds University, so a thank you to them as well.

All in all, this was our best show so far, and I had a great time!

AREKU from Visual Kei band AVALINITY live at Hemgården Lund

(Photo from video by Sano Concert)

Live to play live.

Finally I would like to pay my thanks;
to Hemgården, for having this lovely venue and making this event possible
to Banana Chips, for taking the initiative to this gig and for being a gang of good sports
to everybody who came to the show, thank you for the support to Banana Chips and Avalinity
to my bandmembers – you make me so proud! It’s fantastic how much we’ve evolved over the years, and this show was a proof of our efforts paying off! Word can do no justice <3

 AREKU guitarist of Avalinity playing live at Hemgården, Lund Visual Rock Mockingbird guitar visual kei(Photo by Miharu)

2 Responses to “AVALINITY live at Hemgården

  • No words, only an orchestra of feelings playing your favourite tune. <3

    Actually all that not optimal didn't show.  You're real pros and carried on. And with that kind of dedicated attitude and brilliant humour and teamwork I might add, nothing is impossible. And if that was the case then, I'm even more impressed.

    It was truly a grand evening! I feel so lucky to have been there!

    The old songs have to pardon my excitement, they touch me deeply, but I so look forward to the unleashing of the new song you played. Do a teaser, prettiest please. *cuuute face* ^^

    Oh, so your awesome clothes are retiring. Send them to me! I have to try don't I. ;)

    I really liked Banana Chips as well, although I can't write that without giggling and misspelling. And you raised money too! Hemgården was quite a charming place for live music, once you found it. I did feel lost for a while there, but as always I found my way. And was very heartedly greeted, such warmth. <3

    P.s Glad your workmeeting went well.

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