It’a Friday, and I thought I will answer some of your questions – let’s go!
These questions are collected from my Facebook, Twitter,, and Instagram-feed, as well as from emails. Thank you for asking! 

Q: What do you like about your fans?
The dedication, passion and love that you all feel for me, my band, and our activities –  always supporting our endeavors!

Q: What’s the craziest thing that you’ve made?
A: Made? A guitar – that was quite the experience!

Q: What is your favorite perfume?
A: For many years it’ve been YSLL’Homme“. Lately  JCI AM JC” have entered as a competitor depending on the occasion, but my new favorite is Yves Saint LaurentBlack Opium Nuit Blanche EdP” – send me a bottle!

Q: How would you describe working on Everlasting as opposed to the singles and working on Avalinity songs? And do tell, what’s next?
While working with “Everlasting”, I changed instruments from guitar to piano, which in itself was a big change.
Though I had already released “Now is Forever“, I was a bit lost. I studied a lot of my favorite composers works, like the good ol’ Ludwig, as well as listening to numerous symphonies. Kudos goes out to SaSa, as she previewed my works before release, and her feedback meant more than a lot.
Regarding difference from my singles or working with Avalinity-songs; I think that the difference is just what made this into “Everlasting”.  What’s next?  Continuing working with Avalinity with new songs, and releasing my first solo vocal song(s).

Q: Do you prefer very spicy or non-spicy food?
A: Spicy!

Q: Is there a story why you started photographing?
A: I photographed things documentarily in a manner like most youngsters at my then age, but when I was about 12-13 I understood that there’s more to do than just document the moment – I started creating the moment. Since then I’ve developed my photographic skills throughout both the analogue and digital media. Now it’s all about creating something greater than myself.

Q: Do you like Disney films? If yes what’s your favourite one and why?
A: Robin Hood! Mostly because I have nostalgic memories of me destroying the VHS by repeating the sequence when the hen is running like an american football player through the guards.
Other films, without explanations, that I really liked goes out to;
Mary Popins and The Jungle Book

Q: What kind of movies do u like? Or maybe u would like to shoot a film one day?
My all-time favorite is “The Godfather“, a film I like to re-watch whenever possile. I’m also quite fond of Tarantino’s works.
I prefer a range of movies dependent on the situation. When alone I mostly watch documentaries/educational films, but for pure enjoyment I love spagetti westerns, horror and/or action movies, maybe even some comedy.
I’d love to shoot one or more films someday – as a very very former actor, that would do me good.

Q: What do you like and what don’t you like about yourself (both physically and temperamentally)?
A: I used to to have some insecurities about myself, but now the only limitation I could imagine is the ones in my head.

Q:  Why do you have that beautiful violin? Is there a story behind it?
A: A couple of years ago I decided to begin learning violin, so I got one. It was my first intention on composing for an orchestral setting, and as of so I wanted to understand at least some of the instruments I was composing for.
Formally the violin is a gift from my parents, for which I’m very thankful.

Q: How tall are you?
A: 178~ cm.



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