AREKU photography 2007-2010 (old MP627)

As a follow-up post to yesterdays revisiting of my old camera, here’s some photos I’ve dug out from the archives, dating back to between 2007-2010.






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  • My my, what a lovely archive you’ve got. It’s like a little treasure chest. Pardon the pirate.

    Fair warning, this is a plank long respons!

    Flowers are always great in pictures. Dark, red and yellow. It’s hard for me not to make a parallel to novel The Dark Flower that I have been working with for what feels like an eternity…
    Briefly how and why: In the first part of the book aptly named Spring, the dark flower, which is a carnation to be precise, symbolises among things, he is a devil with multiple use that Mr Galsworthy (author), that first love, it’s the flower given to then young Mark Lennan (the main character) by her, the ideal woman and that event follows into a later conversation that starts a second love or rather a friendship that developes into closeness and love.

    The second part is of course Summer. And in that passion takes hold and big romance hits an older Lennan. In my parallel that would be the red for passion in this picture. Of course yet again mr Lennan has a married woman (deeply unhappily so) as his love but this third love comes to a tragic end, her husband kills her in a jealous rage. There hence the yellow bit of the flower.

    The last part Autumn. Is also yellow in a duplicate way. Lennan is getting on a bit and has found his sunshine, home and companionship with his second love from the first part. But passion once more takes hold of him when he meets a young woman whom he falls for, but in the end the pain of hurting his then wife, making her jealous puts an end to that. The mix of red and yellow makes perfect sense here. This part of the book is mainly about passion that doesn’t want to be held in, hence the dark and almost decadent hauntness.

    And as most of Galsworthy’s main characters it’s hard not to feel for them because they are often complex and far from static. Even though what they sometimes do goes against all your morals. I like that type of book where you can follow the thoughts and decisions so well that it’s far from easy to decide what is “right”. This has been an extremely simplistic presentation that I fear went on for too long.

    Let’s just say a flower that spoke deeply to my thoughts of late.

    The dolls! So cute, I love her old time clothes. Such detail! A different kind than I have, well I have a standard porcelain doll somewhere, but this makes me appreciate my BJDs even more. I love to see doll photos of any kind.

    I do have this theory of them reflecting what’s inside yourself. I’ve thought about this for quite some time… I think I notice how people treat objects. It says so much about a persons character how they treat something that’s not alive, in the definition of breathing. I know people say you can see what kind of person it is from how they treat their pets. But I think you can tell even more when it comes to obejcts, none more so than dolls. Their similarity to us seem to give an uncanny mirror reflection. People often have strong opinions about dolls. Yes, of course I only collect dolls, I do not make up a whole philosophy about them or create story arcs. I think this says a lot about my character as well. I’m not without selfreflexion, although that is tricky.

    I have always liked the way you take doll photos. You let them speak. As you do with nature. And that says a lot of good things about you. How to explain, they’re not obejcts but subjects in your pictures. She appears to me to be a most determined little lady doll. Simply adorable! To give life to something seemingly static takes a lot of skill. Yeah, hidden somewhere in this, I do wish you’d take some dolly pics of mine because I could use the help. But I fear all of my dolls might instantly fall for your charm and leave me.

    I’m eating my words about trees now. This is loooovely. It does however make me remember all of those awful blue/yellow fading sky book covers they made us see in my graphic design course. Yours is so much better though!! Which makes me appreciate it! I must finish my books because you’re the perfect cover artist. Oh you’ve proven that time and time again.

    And the reflected sky that would make Narcissus envious. Quite the achievement! You kind of want to fall into the water-sky but at the same time not. There might be eels!
    It’s at least more believable than crocodiles. ^^

    I feel as though I’m being poked here. Military vehicles is part of my past. If you haven’t woken up to the sound of tanks or armoured vehicles and soldiers singing at 5 AM you haven’t lived. At least not near Bofors, which is the Swedish arms manufacturer company. I have, it’s interesting. I do have tank fear or in Finnish pansaripelko for a good reason. I’ve seen what they can do, when not in full operation and with my ability to imagine things, that is scary. Plus seen enough of Europe to see the wounds left. And if anyone wants to know the sound of tanks on asphalt is far worse than the sound of the smaller armoured vehicles. The ground still shakes but with tanks near, it vibrates. Not to mention what the road looks like afterwards…

    To walk next to a moving tank makes you think. And seeing soldiers fight ready in them at the same time makes your day just a bit surreal walking home from school. I have seen tanks firing too as it goes. Frightful things, and the Swedish owned ones are tiny. Not least frightening in the wrong hands. Shivers the thought.

    But this sunny picture is kind of friendly. Up until the big cutbacks this was a common surreal experience where I come from, to see cars next to what I’ve been told is in fact a “Stridsfordon 90” in the parking lot.

    Maybe this past explains why I like the none violence symbol so much.

    And he leaves it with a road. Or a crossing of road in the dark. Lots of trees watching. With just a little hint of light above. Storming clouds and crossroads have been too many of late. To be frank I’m not at all happy about being made to choose from a choice I never knew I had made nor that I had to make. To choose in the dark and never really knowing why. Not the best feel in the world. And feeling as though every move and choice you make is up for scrutiny and ridicule, let’s just say I’m fed up with it. So let’s skip down a good road and follow that light above instead. That is my choice!

    Somehow this archive trip ended up being a story about me. How oddly fun! It’s not meant as an ego trip at all. Maybe I had a secret desire to be the story in your pictures. I would take that as a huge compliment from someone shy that seldom let people tell her story.

    I trust you to tell mine!

    Now this pirate will close this treasure chest with an arr and a grand smile of gratitude.

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