AREKU is now verified on Facebook!

Puh, what a busy Friday!

Not the best picture, but at least it'll make a good memory~It started off with me holding a breakfast presentation  at the Krinova Incubator and Science Park in Kristianstad about 3D-scanning and 3D-printing.
This was my first official public speaking.

I’ve always had an interest in public speakings, and over time it evolved into me enjoying holding oral presentations at school, and also resulted into my interest of of studying theater during three years, and later rhetorics at the University of Lund. So this presentation was a great introduction to something I hope to do more of.

If the nerves, and joy, of this wasn’t enough, I was later greeted by a message from Facebook as I returned to the office. I logged in, and behold – my official AREKU Facebook-page was now crowned with a blue check-mark!
This means that Facebook have now verified my page as being official, which left me quite happy and excited, haha!


This means little as of the practical usage of my site, as I will be posting as usual, but it’s a nice recognition from Facebooks side!
So let’s celebrate that I’m now Facebook-verified, and let’s hope that the AVALINITY page, as well as its members SaSa and K’s pages soon get verified too. ;-)

Lastly, I want’ to thank all of you who support me and help me develop – it’s much appreciated!
If you too wan’t to show your support, head on over to my official page!
AREKU verified Facebook page

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