Fan art

Today I want to show you some of the amazing pieces of art that I’ve received from fans around the world.
It’s truly amazing how creative and skilled you are, but even more how kind you are, to take your time to make these, and share them with me. I must say, it’s truly amazing. I don’t really feel deserving of this attention.

But enough of me being humble, here’s a couple of the works I’ve been sent.
If you want to see even more, check out the gallery at my (now verified, wooh!) Facebook-page:
And if you too would like to draw me, just hit me up in the comments on or my social medias to show me!


AREKU fan art by Eleonora Iori

By Eleonora Iorio


AREKU fan art by Bősi Lili

By Bősi Lili

AREKU fan art By Yuki Ran Tensh

By Yuki Ran Tensh


By Kim


AREKU fan art by Misaki

By Misaki

AREKU fanart by Piia Aya Koivumäki‎

BY Piia Aya Koivumäki‎

AREKU fanart by Setsuna

By Setsuna

AREKU fanart by Victoria Konner

BY Victoria Konner

AREKU fan art by Yarlet

By Yarlet

AREKU fan art by Elin Regina Squirtle

By Elin Regina

Areku fan art by Yulia

By Yulia


You’re all amazing, thank you!
If you want to draw more, try drawing my band members too! ^^/

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