Among frost

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  • Sweetheart,

    I like your pussy talk. Especially on twitter which could make it twatting. Always take the opportunity of spreading for pleasure. I give the best and worst advice. Please stop me before I start talking about food that will stimulate and make a healthy load. No fear, I seem to eat most of those things already. Seemingly handy knowledge to have. Pussy like the attention and care. Not to mention the sensuality that comes from thinking of a dear lover spreading your legs, showing they want and need it badly.

    Moving quickly on to odd thoughts I have when in the shower. Does this mean you’re more of a pussy kind of a man? Instant love for that idea. Hear me out as I try to explain this madness… Yes I am strange. I find that too often it is asked if he’s a boobs or an ass man. Sure flattery is flattery, nothing wrong with that, but why couldn’t there also be men that’s really into pussy? Granted it’s an internal organ and might be tricky as an obsession not to mention people might not actually say that. I see it as possibly a highly imaginative and stimulating obsession. Anyway, can it be that it’s assumed that any man looking for female body is into pussy? Well in a sense I suppose that is true, but surely they come in different degrees as with anything. What I mean is that it’s lovely to think of it as first on the list and not something that is given. It enjoys attention too. Wow, do I digress from thinking that was a lovely thought. This is a roundabout way of saying that the pussy-attention was very well received.

    And then you go and make me think about hands and fingers. Why oh why? They do also bring enormous pleasure if you know how to play. I mean you can play many things already and you’re always open to learn things. That is so damn attractive.

    You keep shooting these wonderfully sensual pictures. If you set out to tease and arouse… then you’ve hit the spot perfectly right.

    Your trees are not only beautifully quirky but full of delightful imagery.

    reading my lips.

    I’m as shiny as the water beside the field. And glowing inside by the mere mention or suggestion. Insanely happy you want to come into.

    Just like a kitty I want to claw your skin because you bring endless pleasure. And lick those sensitive spots.

    lustful lips and playful minds

    erasing thoughts for joyous feelings
    craving to know how it would feel
    inside – excitedly

    Even if I am darkness in white, I’m readily excited about you putting everything in big colours

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