A horse in the lanscape

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One Response to “A horse in the lanscape

  • Sublime!

    Ehum… you’re doing that on purpose. Spoiled, the way I like it. The sky is amazing and the whole set is perfect! Impossible not to fall for immediately. If I’d put one word to it, entwined. No need to wish for anything else? The freedom to feel all of life and this world in one secluded warm place.

    The second one holds such power and is yet so still. The mirror, twin feel in the water reflexion, such an adorer. The meeting of difference made familiar. And all colours sing the scenery. The feeling of amazement intrigues my senses.

    Yellow shining! That one in particular. Standing out, catching attention even though they are all yellow, this shines with its whole presence. You want to come closer to. You want to bathe in the light, perhaps weakened for a moment only to rise twice as joyous for the comfort the one gives as well as feelings of success. Heavenly.

    The stone path overgrown… The wild grass and bushes. Untouched beauty. The pink flowers starting to bloom. The scene of a dream. A dream beginning to take those first steps. Coming closer.

    There’s a horse, magnificent one. So attentive and intelligent. A grey horse like one belonging to a God or giant. The symbol is old, this one seems to bring blue skies. They are often thought of as messengers of great things to come. A protector and well wisher. Perhaps that is why pegasuses and unicorns traditionally are grey (white horses). Although my favourite kind of unicorn or pegasus has to be the pinto coloured ones. I don’t have a better reason than I think they’re cute. This horse has a certain authority about it. It listens.

    The last one, very arty. It feels like a painting, as if someone has made strokes to make it that transfixing. Complete, balanced and vibrant. Dark yet light. To fall for and embrace…


    Cover me with you
    Over me under you
    Pull me in to you
    As one we lay entwined

    You lift me above myself,
    with the ghostly lake of your mind. Arise
    from your slumber in my arms.

    Your beauty
    took the strength from me. In the meadows
    of heaven, we run through the stars.

    All I ever wanted

    I will be here for you
    All I want is you

    We walk as Gods together through a fiery dawn

    the painting of young lovers is complete

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