A day in Malmö

Today I headed off to Malmö to hang with K.
We spent most off the day watching a so-crappy-it’s-actually-funny-series, in which I found the sub-plot to be way better than the main-story. Coffee-Guy x The Brother is OTP.
But we also got some business done, spending an hour filming for a new video that I’ll post later on at my YouTube-channel. If you liked my video about records, you’ll like this one too!

Here’s a picture of me and K from right before I left. Taken from her Instagram, which I highly suggests that you go and follow!


Today was a really nice day!
The sun shined, and it feels like spring. Can’t really understand that it’s soon summer.
Here’s me in front of the Malmö Train station, also known as Malmö C. I have so many memories attached to this place, haha.

To top off the day, here’s what happens when I let my sisters near my hair. Looks pretty damn dashin’ if I might say so!

In case you’ve never tried it: peanut butter and vanilla ice cream goes along VERY well.
(K’s invention of today – super tasty!)

How was your day?

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