5 most read posts – Jan 2017

2017 is in full motion and the first month have already come to an end. Let’s see which were the top 5 most read posts on my blog this month. I’ve also included a couple of posts which didn’t make the list, but that I think you should check out anyhow!
How many of these posts have you seen?

AREKU landscape photography in Sweden

First out is..

1. “First photos of 2017” – a post with the very first works of 2017, which had the most reads of January. Maybe not surprising as it have been out for the longest.

Read it: http://areku.org/blog/first-photos-of-2017/

2. “Sunny Days” – a post where I show some analogue photos that I’ve shot in the days before. Featuring some nice FujiFilm Superia (ISO 200) samples if you’re looking for that. Or just nice landscape pictures ;-)

Read it: http://areku.org/blog/sunny-days-analogue/


3. “iPhone Street photography” – I recently changed my daily driver to an iPhone 7, but before that I took my old iPhone 4S out for a last spin, shooting some street photography, just to see if it could be done.. Could it?
Read it to find out: http://areku.org/blog/iphone-streetphoto/

4. “Window Cat Landscapes” – The title kinda spoils what this is about, but if you like cats and/or landscapes, this is the post for you. Shot on both Nikon and Canon, with a 35mm and 8mm fisheye respectively.

Read it: http://areku.org/blog/window-cat-landscapes/

5. “Through Snow and Mist” – Another post filled with analogue photos taken during January, once again on FujiFilm Superia at 200 ISO speed. We had mist and then a snowstorm with a couple of days apart, something which I captured and display in this post.

Read it: http://areku.org/blog/through-snow-and-mist-analogue/

AREKU Analogue Photography of snow landscape with the Cosina CT1A FujiFilm Superia 200 Eslöv Tågstation

That was the top 5! Now onto some posts which didn’t make it onto the top 5, but that I anyhow would like you to check out if you haven’t don’t so!

1. Analogue Streetphoto – January have been a good month for me when it comes to shooting film, and if there’s one genre of photography that’s closely accosted with the good ol’ 35mm film, it’s shooting in the streets. In this fairly recent post, I share some of my recent shots from my walks.

Read it: http://areku.org/blog/analogue-streetphoto/

2. Visual like “92 (Music Finds) – As much time as I put into the music finds series (tomorrow hitting episode 49!), I wanted to push it a little, especially towards my newer readers who mainly sees my photo-related posts. In last weeks episode I checked out some old Visual Kei-favorites, a most read for those who enjoy (or is curious) this scene.

Read it: http://areku.org/blog/visual-like-92-music-finds-48/

AREKU Analogue Photography Cosina CT1A FujiFilm Superia 200 ISO

Finally, thank you all for reading my blog posts, checking out my latest photos, listening to my music, and keep coming back for more. And more there will be! See you tomorrow with a new episode of Music Finds, and later this week with some fresh new photos!


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