5 most read posts in May

So, it’s now June, and as we’ve now entered a new month I thought it was time to summarize the most read posts of May, in case any of my reader missed one!

1.  – http://areku.org/blog/camera-in-the-water/ – To no remark, dropping your main piece of photographic equipment into a river will attract readers..

2.   http://areku.org/blog/first-photos-with-the-d300/ – With a disaster comes another success. With my “ol’ trusty”  in a bag of rice to dry, I bought my new main camera – the Nikon D300. A step up in many ways, click the link to see my first photos with it!

3.  – http://areku.org/blog/first-pictures-with-the-35mm/ – ..since I opted for the D300, I got a lot of money left in my budget for glass. Here’s my first shots with the Nikon NIKKOR 35mm AF-S f/1,8

4.  – http://areku.org/blog/avalinity-live-at-hemgarden/ – My visual rock -band Avaliniy did one of our last gigs in a foreseeable future and it were a blast!

5.  – http://areku.org/blog/the-smallest-of-worlds-macro/ – Many years ago I built a super-macro lens for my Nikon out of a Minolta. Check out this post for some extreme close-ups!

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