2 years on Instagram

I’ve been on Instagram for a little more than 2 years now. To be more specific, I’ve been a member since the 19th of August, 2013.
So today, I thought we should take a look back down memory lane of some of my post from the past years.
Let’s go!

My first upload:


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It took some time for me to really get a hang of Instagram and post somewhat regular. As of now, I’m publishing sometimes each day, but at least a couple of times per week.

But as like with many other medias, the more I kept up with Instagram, the more response I received, and my following grew little by little.
In December, I threw my first giveaway/contest. I remember being really happy seeing that people actually participated, haha!

Valentine’s Day came along, and I was as romantic as ever..

Happy St. Valentine!

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So, during 2014 my account started to get in shape of what it is now; a mix of selfies, artsy photographs, and some behind the scenes-pictures.

100 F/ 4 25 s More photos at my FB-page (link in description)

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Have a great Friday!

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Before the show at Spyken. W. @yannmmm

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Suddenly, I started doing OOTD-pictures, which is real fun!


I could see the growth of followers, likes and comments during 2014, but as 2015 came along it went even faster.
I worked more on maintaining and improving my uploads and works, and it payed off more and more!
(Still, I’m not sure where you all came from, but I am REALLY happy to have you with me <3)

-Todays outfit-

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3 weeks ago, I hit 3.000 followers. That’s quite amazing!


I hope you enjoyed this little tour down memory lane!
Feel free to browse my feed, as of writing this, you’ve 555 pictures to check out if you haven’t been around since the start. ;)
Anyhow, I’ll talk to you soon again. Until then, take care!

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