AREKU is a musician, composer, photographer and designer from Sweden, most known for being the founder, guitarist and principal songwriter of the Visual Rock-band AVALINITY and a solo artist.
His photographic works is mainly focused on street photo and landscape/nature, with a specialty in long exposure shots at night. AREKU is also the founder and designer of SophistiGance, a brand created in 2014 that features elegant jewelry  and clothing.

Above is how I would present myself in third-person. Now, let’s get personal.

I was born on the 18th of June 1993 in Sweden. As a youngster I searched for a suitable way to express myself, and the choice soon fell on photography. When becoming a teenager I had progressed enough and began showing my works at exhibits and online

AreksuanalogtAround this same time I realized that just photographing wasn’t enough to express myself, and so at age 14 I began learning to play the guitar. Around the same time I started using digital technique in favor of analogue when photographing.

In mid-2011 I formed the Visual Rock-band “THE AREKUSANDAA PROJECT” to support me live, the same band that would later become AVALINITY, where I’m the main guitarist and songwriter.
Alongside my activities in AVALINITY, I’ve also continued releasing songs as a solo-artist, which you can find here.

With the band came a need to design and produce different kinds of marketing material, covers and videos. A majority of the graphic works and videos published by TAP/AVALINITY is made by me.


A creative mind can’t be stopped and so I began exploring new fields. My love for music led me into building my own instruments, and so the L:Gance was born in 2012. There are plans to further expand the line of L:Gance-guitars during 2015.
In 2014 I founded SophistiGance my own brand of jewelry, and later also clothing. The jewelry is all designed and made by me personally in my own workshop, where I’m also experimenting with electronics, woodworks and other DIY-projects.
Most recently I’ve begun making videos which I publish at YouTube.
I’m a man of many characters and interests, but I hope you will enjoy my works – independent if you came here for my blog, photos or music.